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RA-100 Studio Re-Amp and Return

RA-100 Studio Re-Amp and Return

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Turn your guitar pedals into pro effects with the studio Swiss Army knife

The Franklin Audio RA-100 Studio Re-Amp and Return is a one-stop-shop for integrating instrument effects such as guitar pedals into pro audio applications. It combines a studio re-amplifier (reamp) and a high headroom, transformer-balanced instrument preamplifier allowing instrument effects to be correctly interfaced with pro mixing consoles, audio interfaces and other studio equipment.

Effect pedals and other instrument effects don't function optimally when connected directly to pro line level signals. The RA-100 is the conduit between your interface and your effects, dealing with levels, impedance and connectors so you can get down to being creative.

The RA-100 can also function as a standalone re-amplifier and as a standalone instrument preamp.

Transformer-balanced line level input on Neutrik “Combo” TRS/XLR connector (from audio interface)
Unbalanced, instrument level “send” output on Neutrik TS connector (to effects/pedals)
Unbalanced, instrument level “return” input on Neutrik TS connector (from effects/pedals)
Transformer-balanced line level output on Neutrik XLR connector (to audio interface line input)
Input level control - adjusts the output level of the re-amplifier section
Adjustable impedance (Z) control to vary the “load” on effect inputs for creative control or for mimicking different pickup varieties
Output level control with up to 20dB of gain ensures healthy line levels back to the DAW, even when using low output effects
9-24V DC power input on standard 2.1mm barrel jack (centre negative). Unit ships with Franklin Audio RA-24V DC power supply which works internationally. Can also run on 9-18V pedal power supplies with reduced headroom (not recommended unless absolutely necessary).


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