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Discover the hidden potential of your favourite pedals and amps.

Sonically transparent and built to last a lifetime, we designed the RA-10 to be a flexible and easy-to-use re-amplifier that will seamlessly integrate into your studio workflow. Send a line out of your DAW or tape machine and let the RA-10 handle the technical stuff while you dial sounds on your amps and pedals with this magic little box that has been made with simplicity and musicality front-of-mind.

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Simplified Workflow
Studio-Grade Audio
Heavy Duty Construction
Made In Australia
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"I choose the RA-10 over any of the options laying around the studio."

Joel Hamilton

Tom Waits, Bonobo, Hans Zimmer
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“Reamping my guitar pedals used to be a fun but lofi option. With the RA-10, my collection of guitar pedals feels as useful and hifi as my very expensive analogue and digital studio effects, opening up a world of possibilities. I don't know how it works so well, every time, but it just does!”

Simon Berkelman

Passenger, Courtney Barnett, Boy & Bear

Specs & features

1 x Mono Neutrik™ Balanced Combo connector
1 x TS 1/4" Neutrik™ Instrument Jack
Passive with custom-wound Franklin Audio transformers
Heavy duty folded steel enclosure
Designed and hand made in Sydney, Australia
L: 127mm / W: 65mm / H: 63mm


What is re-amping?

In short, re-amping lets you plug  the signal from your interface or mixer into effects pedals and guitar amps, all while maintaining the correct levels and impedances ensure your equipment sounds its best.

What is the 'Z' control?

The ‘Z’ or Impedance control adjusts the output impedance of the RA-10 so you can creatively mess with how your pedals and amps react to the signal.

What does the ground lift switch do?

The ground lift switch disconnects pin 1 of the XLR connector from the ground. If you have a hum or buzz that is caused by a ground loop this will get rid of it!

When should I use the polarity invert switch?

Believe it or not, not all pedals and amps maintain the polarity of the incoming signal. If you’re re-amping a sound and blending it back in with the original dry sound it always pays to hit the invert switch and check which combination you prefer!

What transformer is in the RA-10?

The FA-01 is a custom made transformer we worked tirelessly with a factory to devise. It sounds perfectly clean under normal circumstances, but also sounds amazing when pushed hard! We’re proud to say our transformers technical specifications stack up against and even outperform the most recognisable transformer brands in the world.

Does the RA-10 accept balanced and unbalanced signals?

Absolutely! The RA-10 accepts balanced signals on both the XLR and jack parts of the combo connector. For unbalanced signals we recommend using a TS cable into the ¼” jack.