SS-6 Switchable Input Stereo DI

SS-6 Switchable Input Stereo DI

Get your studio flow back with the world’s only 6 stereo/12 mono input switcher and DI

Ever lost the vibe or forgotten an idea while repatching cables? We created the SS-6 after having one too many of our sessions derailed by needless down time spent crawling under tables, wrestling with patchbays and juggling inputs.

The SS-6 has been specifically created for those who want to keep their favourite synths and drum machines close at hand and ready to roll when inspiration is flowing.

Just plug your favourite instruments into one of 6 stereo or 12 mono inputs and lose yourself in the music…


The SS-6 is a stereo, transformer-balanced DI (direct) box with six stereo inputs selectable via a large and robust rotary control.

Leave six stereo or twelve mono synths, drum machines, keyboard instruments or guitars permanently connected to one pair of your preamps or inputs and simply take your pick on the SS-6 whenever you need them.

The DI features through connectors and ground lift switches per channel.

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